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We work with small to medium sized businesses to cut costs on Workers Compensation, Payroll and Employee Benefits. 

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What Value do We Provide?

Here at Oakridge PEO, we keep it simple. We help you save money on workers compensation without having to put any down payments or deposits. Our clients are typically on a Pay-As-You-Go option. This relieves any headaches of having to worry about end of the year audits.

How is this possible:

We leverage our PEO partners to provide exclusive workers compensation rates for specific industries. Our PEO partners provides payroll services, human resources and workers compensation that overall saves you time and money.

Cutting Costs On:

Employee Benefits


Get Fortune 500 healthcare and other benefits at a fraction of what you spend on the open market

Benefits Administration

Our partners provide a dedicated account manager that supports your business year round


One of the most overlooked policies. Protect your business from the risk of employment lawsuits, this is included in our partner proposals.

Large Group Leverage

Leverage group buying power of our partners. Small to mid sized business can now leverage these cost savings too

How Much Does Our Service Cost?


We are PEO brokers which means we have access to a handful of competitive PEO partners. We act on YOUR behalf to ensure that we provide substantial savings but also that our partners provide exceptional service and year-round support for your business. At the end of the day we are advisors with your best interest in mind. You don’t pay us anything for our market analysis. 


We provide options for your business with no commitment to you.

If you do decide to move forward with one of our options, we want to be transparent. Our partners pay us a monthly commission for referring business to them, nothing to retire on but enough to keep us around every month ensuring you are happy with our services. We don’t disappear we are your advisors at all times helping you grow your business and lower overhead expenses along the way.  

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General information:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Tax ID #
  • Current Payroll provider


Workers Compensation:

  • Total # of Employees
  • Class Code/Payroll Breakdown
  • Loss Runs


Employee Benefits:

  • Dependent Level Medical Census
  • Recent Benefit Invoice
  • Plan Summaries

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